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1Alumina films as gas barrier layers grown by spatial atomic layer deposition with trimethylaluminum and different oxygen sources
2Aluminum nitride thin films deposited by hydrogen plasma enhanced and thermal atomic layer deposition
3Atmospheric-Pressure Plasma-Enhanced Spatial ALD of SiO2 Studied by Gas-Phase Infrared and Optical Emission Spectroscopy
4Atomic layer deposition of aluminum fluoride using Al(CH3)3 and SF6 plasma
5Atomic Layer Deposition of Cobalt Using H2-, N2-, and NH3-Based Plasmas: On the Role of the Co-reactant
6Atomic layer deposition of InN using trimethylindium and ammonia plasma
7Atomic Layer Deposition of Silicon Nitride from Bis(tertiary-butyl-amino)silane and N2 Plasma Studied by in Situ Gas Phase and Surface Infrared Spectroscopy
8Characteristics of Hf-silicate thin films synthesized by plasma enhanced atomic layer deposition
9Characteristics of SiOC(-H) Thin Films Prepared by Using Plasma-enhanced Atomic Layer Deposition
10Charge trapping characteristics of Au nanocrystals embedded in remote plasma atomic layer-deposited Al2O3 film as the tunnel and blocking oxides for nonvolatile memory applications
11Conformality of Al2O3 and AlN Deposited by Plasma-Enhanced Atomic Layer Deposition
12Deposition and Characterization of RP-ALD SiO2 Thin Films with Different Oxygen Plasma Powers
13Deposition and Plasma Measurements of Zr-Oxide Films with Low Impurity Concentrations by Remote PEALD
14Development and characterization of an atmospheric pressure plasma reactor compatible with spatial ALD
15Edge-Site Nanoengineering of WS2 by Low-Temperature Plasma-Enhanced Atomic Layer Deposition for Electrocatalytic Hydrogen Evolution
16Effect of DC Bias on the Plasma Properties in Remote Plasma Atomic Layer Deposition and Its Application to HfO2 Thin Films
17Effect of plasma power on the structural properties of tin oxide prepared by plasma-enhanced atomic layer deposition
18Effect of varying plasma properties on III-nitride film growth by plasma enhanced atomic layer epitaxy
19Effects of N2 remote plasma nitridation on the structural and electrical characteristics of the HfO2 gate dielectrics grown using remote plasma atomic layer deposition methods
20Growth kinetics and initial stage growth during plasma-enhanced Ti atomic layer deposition
21Growth of cubic-TaN thin films by plasma-enhanced atomic layer deposition
22High temperature phase transformation of tantalum nitride films deposited by plasma enhanced atomic layer deposition for gate electrode applications
23In situ reaction mechanism studies of plasma-assisted atomic layer deposition of Al2O3
24Influence of plasma power on deposition mechanism and structural properties of MoOx thin films by plasma enhanced atomic layer deposition
25Influence of Working Pressure on the Al2O3 Film Properties in Plasma-Enhanced Atomic Layer Deposition
26Infrared and optical emission spectroscopy study of atmospheric pressure plasma-enhanced spatial ALD of Al2O3
27Ion and Photon Surface Interaction during Remote Plasma ALD of Metal Oxides
28Low temperature plasma enhanced deposition of GaP films on Si substrate
29Low-Temperature Deposition of TiN by Plasma-Assisted Atomic Layer Deposition
30Microwave remote plasma enhanced-atomic layer deposition system with multicusp confinement chamber
31Optical emission spectroscopy of gallium phosphide plasma-enhanced atomic layer deposition
32Oxide Charge Engineering of Atomic Layer Deposited AlOxNy/Al2O3 Gate Dielectrics: A Path to Enhancement Mode GaN Devices
33Plasma enhanced atomic layer deposition of aluminum sulfide thin films
34Plasma enhanced atomic layer deposition of zinc sulfide thin films
35Plasma-Assisted Atomic Layer Deposition of Low Temperature SiO2
36Plasma-assisted atomic layer deposition of Ta2O5 from alkylamide precursor and remote O2 plasma
37Plasma-enhanced atomic layer deposition of tantalum thin films: the growth and film properties
38Plasma-Enhanced Atomic Layer Deposition of Two-Dimensional WS2 from WF6, H2 Plasma, and H2S
39Radio frequency plasma power dependence of the moisture permeation barrier characteristics of Al2O3 films deposited by remote plasma atomic layer deposition
40Reaction Mechanisms during Atomic Layer Deposition of AlF3 Using Al(CH3)3 and SF6 Plasma
41Reaction mechanisms during plasma-assisted atomic layer deposition of metal oxides: A case study for Al2O3
42Role of low-energy ion irradiation in the formation of an aluminum germanate layer on a germanium substrate by radical-enhanced atomic layer deposition
43Role of plasma properties in controlling crystallinity and phase in oxide films grown by plasma-enhanced atomic layer epitaxy
44Room-temperature plasma-enhanced atomic layer deposition of ZnO: Film growth dependence on the PEALD reactor configuration
45Spontaneous formation of aluminum germanate on Ge(100) by atomic layer deposition with trimethylaluminum and microwave-generated atomic oxygen
46Synthesis and in situ characterization of low-resistivity TaNx films by remote plasma atomic layer deposition
47The effect of plasma power on the properties of low-temperature silicon nitride deposited by RPALD for a gate spacer
48The α and γ plasma modes in plasma-enhanced atomic layer deposition with O2-N2 capacitive discharges
49Thermal Stability of ALD HfO2 Thin Films and Interfacial Layers on the Oxynitride Underlayer Formed Using Remote Plasma
50Working gas effect on properties of Al2O3 film in plasma-enhanced atomic layer deposition