On-line Plasma Enhanced Atomic Layer Deposition Theses

As I scour the web looking for new plasma enhanced atomic layer deposition publications to put in the database, I often come across theses which discuss our favorite topic. Often, the information in theses is superior to those in other types of publications because size limitations are removed and the authors want to make sure the work they did is fully documented. Below are some of the theses I have found on the web. I will continue to add them here as I find them.

If you know of one I missed, send me an e-mail at marksowa@plasma-ald.com

Addressing optical, recombination and resistive losses in crystalline silicon solar cellsThomas G. AllenThe Australian National University2017
Advantages and challenges of plasma enhanced atomic layer depositionJ. MusschootGhent University2011
ALD Processes and Applications to Nanostructured Electrochemical Energy Storage DevicesXinyi ChenUniversity of Maryland2013
Atomic layer deposition and characterization of rare earth oxides for innovation in microelectronicsLuca LamagnaUniversità degli Studi di Milano-Bicocca2009
Atomic Layer Deposition and Metal Organic Chemical Vapour Deposition of Materials for Photovoltaic ApplicationsSarah Louise HindleyUniversity of Liverpool2014
Atomic Layer Deposition Enabled Synthesis of Multiferroic NanostructuresCalvin D. PhamUniversity of California - Los Angeles (UCLA)2015
Atomic Layer Deposition for Lithium-Ion BatteriesFelix MattelaerGhent University2017
Atomic Layer Deposition for Surface Engineering of PowdersDelphine LongrieGhent University2013
Atomic layer deposition of copper – study through density functional theoryGangotri DeyTyndall National Institute, University College Cork2014
Atomic layer deposition of III-nitrides and metal oxides : their application in area selective ALDAli HaiderBilkent University2017
Atomic Layer Deposition of Metal Oxide Thin Films and Nanostructuresİnci DönmezBilkent University2013
Atomic Layer Deposition of Multi-Insulator Metal-Insulator-Metal CapacitorsDustin Zachary AustinOregon State University2017
Atomic Layer Deposition of Noble Metal NanoparticlesMatthieu J. WeberEindhoven University of Technology2014
Atomic Layer Deposition of Platinum: from surface reactions to nanopatterningAdriaan J. M. MackusEindhoven University of Technology2013
Atomic layer deposition of Ruthenium thin films using oxygenR. O. F. VerkuijlenEindhoven University of Technology2009
Atomic Layer Deposition of Solid Electrolytes for Beyond Lithium-Ion BatteriesAlexander Campbell KozenUniversity of Maryland2015
Atomic Layer Deposition of Strontium Titanate: from material control to nanoscale devicesValentino LongoEindhoven University of Technology2014
Atomic Layer Deposition of TaN, NbN, and MoN Films for Cu MetallizationsPetra AlénUniversity of Helsinki2005
Atomic Layer Deposition: from Reaction Mechanisms to 3D integrated Micro batteriesHarm C. M. KnoopsEindhoven University of Technology2011
Chalcogen-Carbon Nanocomposite Cathodes For Rechargeable Lithium BatteriesJung Tae LeeGeorgia Institute of Technology2014
Characterization of Plasma-Enhanced Atomic Layer Deposited Ga2O3 using Ga(acac)3 On GaNMei HaoArizona State University2018
Copper Diffusion Barrier Deposition on Integrated Circuit Devices by Atomic Layer Deposition TechniqueKai-Erik ElersUniversity of Helsinki2008
Double-Gate, Tri-Layer, and Vertical ZnO TFTs and CircuitsKaige SunThe Pennsylvania State University2015
Electrical Properties and Device Applications of ALD ZnO and GaN Thin FilmsS. BolatBilkent University2014
Electrodynamics of strongly disordered superconductorsP. C. J. J. CoumouDelft University of Technology2015
Etude des dépôts par plasma ALD de diélectriques à forte permittivité diélectrique (dits ” High-K ”) pour les applications capacités MIMD. MonnierInstitut National Polytechnique de Grenoble - INPG2010
Etude thermodynamique et élaboration de dépôts métalliques (W-N-C, Ti-N-C) par PEALD (Plasma Enhanced Atomic Layer Deposition) pour la réalisation d’électrodes de capacités Métal/Isolant/Métal dans les circuits intégrésRym BenaboudInstitut National Polytechnique de Grenoble - INPG2009
Fabrication, Characterization, and Simulation of Highly-Scaled III-V MOS Devices Vallen Gary RezazadehUniversity of Alberta2017
High-κ Complex Oxides for Advanced Gate Dielectric Applications Grown by Atomic Layer DepositionKaveh AhadiUniversity of Alberta2016
Hot-wire assisted atomic layer deposition of Tungsten filmsMengdi YangUniversity of Twente2018
In situ infrared spectroscopy for plasma-assisted ALD of SiNx filmsLidewij E. CornelissenEindhoven University of Technology2015
Influence of plasma parameters in pulsed microwave and radio frequency plasmas on the properties of gas barrier films on plasticsFelix MitschkerRuhr-University Bochum2018
Low-Temperature Plasma Enhanced Atomic Layer Deposition of Silicon Nitride Thin Films for Encapsulation of Flexible OLEDsJi Min KimSeoul National University2018
Low-temperature thermal and plasma-enhanced atomic layer deposition of metal oxide thin filmsMari NapariUniversity of Jyväskylä2017
Mechanisms controlling silicon nitride growth by plasma-enhanced atomic layer depositionKoen de PeuterEindhoven University of Technology2014
Microwave Plasma Assisted ALD Development for the Deposition of Gate Oxides & ALD of High-k DielectricsSubin ThomasCochin University of Science and Technology2015
Modeling and In Situ Characterization of the Conformality of Atomic Layer Deposition in High Aspect Ratio Structures and Nanoporous MaterialsJolien DendoovenGhent University2012
Nanolayer surface passivation schemes for silicon solar cellsGijs DingemansEindhoven University of Technology2011
Nitride Based Metal Insulator Semiconductor Heterostructure Material and Device Design and CharacterizationJiechen WuUniversity of California - Los Angeles (UCLA)2014
PEALD and PECVD inorganic layers: Microstructure characterization and moisture permeation barrier propertiesE.R.J. van BeekumEindhoven University of Technology2012
PECVD, Spatial ALD, and PEALD Zinc Oxide Thin Film TransistorsJie SunThe Pennsylvania State University2008
Photoinduced Charge Transfer at Metal Oxide/Oxide Interfaces Prepared with Plasma Enhanced Atomic Layer DepositionManpuneet KaurArizona State University2016
Plasma assisted chemical deposition (CVD/ALD) and integration of Ti(Al)N and Ta(Al)N for sub-20 nm metal gateFabien PiallatCEA - Grenoble2014
Plasma Enhanced Atomic Layer Deposition of Thin Film YSZ Electrolytes Wenfei ZhangUniversity of Alberta2017
Plasma enhanced atomic layer deposition ZnO thin film transistors for large area circuit applicationsYuanyuan LiThe Pennsylvania State University2013
Plasma-assisted atomic layer deposition of III-nitride thin filmsÇağla ÖzgitBilkent University2014
Plasma-Assisted Atomic Layer Deposition of Metal Oxides and NitridesS. B. S. HeilEindhoven University of Technology2008
Plasma-assisted atomic layer deposition: an in situ diagnostic studyE. LangereisEindhoven University of Technology2008
Plasma-enhanced atomic layer deposition of binary metal oxides as gas barrier layers on polymersMaximilian GebhardRuhr-University Bochum2017
Plasma-Enhanced Atomic Layer Deposition Zinc Oxide Flexible Thin Film ElectronicsDalong ZhaoThe Pennsylvania State University2010
Plasma-Enhanced Atomic Layer Deposition Zinc Oxide for Multifunctional Thin Film ElectronicsDevin A. MoureyThe Pennsylvania State University2010
Plasma-Surface Interaction in Plasma-Assisted Atomic Layer DepositionH. B. ProfijtEindhoven University of Technology2012
Radical Enhanced Atomic Layer Deposition of Metals and OxidesAntti NiskanenUniversity of Helsinki2006
Remote Plasma Deposition of Metal Oxides: Routes for Controlling the Film GrowthIoana VolintiruEindhoven University of Technology2008
Schottky Nanodiodes Based on Zinc Oxide Thin FilmsMei ShenUniversity of Alberta2017
Selective Atomic Layer Deposition and Etching of OxidesAlfredo MameliEindhoven University of Technology2018
Semiconductor quantum structures for applications in the near infrared and blue regionsPäivi MattilaAalto University2016
Study of amorphous metals for nano-scale electronic devicesJiaomin OuyangStanford University2015
Study of Thermal and Plasma Enhanced Atomic Layer Deposition of AlN and Al2O3/TiO2 Films for Diverse ApplicationsPerttu SippolaAalto University2019
Templated Synthesis of Porous Materials via Atomic Layer DepositionShaoren DengGhent University2015
Thermal and plasma-enhanced atomic layer deposition: the study of and employment in various nanotechnology applicationsAlexander Pyymaki PerrosAalto University2015
Thermal Annealing of AlN Thin Films Fabricated by Plasma-Enhanced Atomic Layer Deposition for GaN EpitaxyLauri RiuttanenAalto University2010
Titanium nitride thin-film bias resistors for AC coupled segmented silicon detectorsJennifer OttUniversity of Helsinki2016
Understanding and Controlling Atomic Layer Deposition of Platinum and Platinum OxideIvo Johannes Maria ErkensEindhoven University of Technology2014
X-ray reflectance and infrared spectroscopy study of plasma enhanced atomic layer deposited Al2O3 and SiO2Elena OstrovskaiaAalto University2017
ZnO Thin Film Electronics For More Than DisplaysJose Israel RamirezThe Pennsylvania State University2015


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