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1An efficient PE-ALD process for TiO2 thin films employing a new Ti-precursor
2Atomic layer deposited (ALD) SnO2 anodes with exceptional cycleability for Li-ion batteries
3Challenges in atomic layer deposition of carbon-containing silicon-based dielectrics
4Characteristics of Hf-silicate thin films synthesized by plasma enhanced atomic layer deposition
5Fundamental beam studies of radical enhanced atomic layer deposition of TiN
6Growth kinetics for temperature-controlled atomic layer deposition of GaN using trimethylgallium and remote-plasma-excited NH3
7In situ diagnostics for studying gas-surface reactions during thermal and plasma-assisted atomic layer deposition
8Infrared Study of Room Temperature Atomic Layer Deposition of SnO2 Using Sn(CH3)4 and Plasma Excited Humidified Argon
9Infrared study on low temperature atomic layer deposition of GaN using trimethylgallium and plasma-excited ammonia
10Infrared Study on Room-temperature Atomic Layer Deposition of TiO2 Using Tetrakis(dimethylamino)titanium and Remote-Plasma Excited Water Vapor
11Initial reaction of hafnium oxide deposited by remote plasma atomic layer deposition method
12Low temperature hydrogen plasma-assisted atomic layer deposition of copper studied using in situ infrared reflection absorption spectroscopy
13Plasma-Enhanced Atomic Layer Deposition of Anatase TiO2 Using TiCl4
14Room-temperature plasma enhanced atomic layer deposition of aluminum silicate and its application in dye-sensitized solar cells
15Surface Infrared Spectroscopy during Low Temperature Growth of Supported Pt Nanoparticles by Atomic Layer Deposition
16Surface reaction kinetics of metal β-diketonate precursors with O radicals in radical-enhanced atomic layer deposition of metal oxides
17Surface Reaction Mechanisms during Ozone and Oxygen Plasma Assisted Atomic Layer Deposition of Aluminum Oxide
18Surface Reaction Mechanisms during Plasma-Assisted Atomic Layer Deposition of Titanium Dioxide
19Temperature-controlled atomic layer deposition of GaN using plasma-excited nitrogen source


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