Han-Bo-Ram Lee Plasma Enhanced Atomic Layer Deposition Film Publications

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1A controlled growth of WNx and WCx thin films prepared by atomic layer deposition
2Degradation of the deposition blocking layer during area-selective plasma-enhanced atomic layer deposition of cobalt
3Effects of Cl-Based Ligand Structures on Atomic Layer Deposited HfO2
4Formation of Ni silicide from atomic layer deposited Ni
5Growth characteristics and electrical properties of SiO2 thin films prepared using plasma-enhanced atomic layer deposition and chemical vapor deposition with an aminosilane precursor
6Growth mechanism of Co thin films formed by plasma-enhanced atomic layer deposition using NH3 as plasma reactant
7High-Quality Cobalt Thin Films by Plasma-Enhanced Atomic Layer Deposition
8Highly-conformal nanocrystalline molybdenum nitride thin films by atomic layer deposition as a diffusion barrier against Cu
9In situ surface cleaning on a Ge substrate using TMA and MgCp2 for HfO2-based gate oxides
10Nitride mediated epitaxy of CoSi2 through self-interlayer-formation of plasma-enhanced atomic layer deposition Co
11Plasma-enhanced atomic layer deposition of Co on metal surfaces
12Plasma-enhanced atomic layer deposition of Co using Co(MeCp)2 precursor
13Plasma-Enhanced Atomic Layer Deposition of Cobalt Using Cyclopentadienyl Isopropyl Acetamidinato-Cobalt as a Precursor
14Plasma-Enhanced Atomic Layer Deposition of Ni
15Plasma-enhanced atomic layer deposition of SnO2 thin films using SnCl4 and O2 plasma
16Spontaneous Formation of Vertical Magnetic-Metal-Nanorod Arrays During Plasma-Enhanced Atomic Layer Deposition
17Thermal and plasma enhanced atomic layer deposition ruthenium and electrical characterization as a metal electrode
18Ultrathin effective TiN protective films prepared by plasma-enhanced atomic layer deposition for high performance metallic bipolar plates of polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cells
19Very high frequency plasma reactant for atomic layer deposition
20Wafer-scale, conformal and direct growth of MoS2 thin films by atomic layer deposition