GaN Plasma Enhanced Atomic Layer Deposition Film Publications

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1A route to low temperature growth of single crystal GaN on sapphire
2Atomic layer deposition of GaN at low temperatures
3Baking and plasma pretreatment of sapphire surfaces as a way to facilitate the epitaxial plasma-enhanced atomic layer deposition of GaN thin films
4Electron Enhanced Growth of Crystalline Gallium Nitride Thin Films at Room Temperature and 100°C Using Sequential Surface Reactions
5Growth and characterization of III-N ternary thin films by plasma assisted atomic layer epitaxy at low temperatures
6Growth kinetics for temperature-controlled atomic layer deposition of GaN using trimethylgallium and remote-plasma-excited NH3
7Growth of Gallium Nitride Films on Multilayer Graphene Template Using Plasma-Enhanced Atomic Layer Deposition
8Infrared study on low temperature atomic layer deposition of GaN using trimethylgallium and plasma-excited ammonia
9Layer-by-layer epitaxial growth of GaN at low temperatures
10Low temperature depositions of GaN thin films by plasma-enhanced atomic layer deposition
11Low-Temperature Self-Limiting Growth of III-Nitride Thin Films by Plasma-Enhanced Atomic Layer Deposition
12Perspectives on future directions in III-N semiconductor research
13Plasma-enhanced atomic layer deposition of gallium nitride thin films on fluorine-doped tin oxide glass substrate for future photovoltaic application
14Protective capping and surface passivation of III-V nanowires by atomic layer deposition
15Self-Limiting Growth of GaN at Low Temperatures
16Self-limiting growth of GaN using plasma-enhanced atomic layer deposition
17Structure-property relationship and interfacial phenomena in GaN grown on C-plane sapphire via plasma-enhanced atomic layer deposition
18Temperature-controlled atomic layer deposition of GaN using plasma-excited nitrogen source
19Ultralow threading dislocation density in GaN epilayer on near-strain-free GaN compliant buffer layer and its applications in hetero-epitaxial LEDs
20Uniform GaN thin films grown on (100) silicon by remote plasma atomic layer deposition