Eric T. Eisenbraun Plasma Enhanced Atomic Layer Deposition Film Publications

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1Plasma-Assisted Atomic Layer Deposition of Conductive Hafnium Nitride Using Tetrakis(ethylmethylamino)hafnium for CMOS Gate Electrode Applications
2Integration of Electrochemically Deposited Cu with Plasma Enhanced Atomic Layer Deposition-Grown Cu Seed Layers
3Microstructure analysis of plasma enhanced atomic layer deposition-grown mixed-phase RuTaN barrier for seedless copper electrodeposition
4Hydrogen plasma-enhanced atomic layer deposition of copper thin films
5Ultra-Low Temperature Deposition of Copper Seed Layers by PEALD
6Development of plasma-enhanced atomic layer deposition grown Ru-WCN mixed phase films for nanoscale diffusion barrier and copper direct-plate applications
7Atomic layer deposition growth of a novel mixed-phase barrier for seedless copper electroplating applications
8Nucleation and growth characteristics of electroplated Cu on plasma enhanced atomic layer deposition-grown RuTaN direct plate barriers
9Copper-ALD Seed Layer as an Enabler for Device Scaling
10The Integration of Plasma Enhanced Atomic Layer Deposition (PEALD) of Tantalum- Based Thin Films for Copper Diffusion Barrier Applications
11Development of Manufacturable Solutions for the Direct Plating of Copper on Robust ALD-Grown Barriers
12Characterization of Ultrathin PEALD-Grown RuCo Films for Diffusion Barrier and Copper Direct-Plate Applications
13Effects of Hydrogen Plasma Treatments on the Atomic Layer Deposition of Copper
14Integration of Atomic Layer Deposition-Grown Copper Seed Layers for Cu Electroplating Applications
15PEALD of Copper using New Precursors for Next Generation of Interconnections
16Emerging Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD) Processes For Low Thermal Budget Flexible Electronics