Douglas W. Barlage Plasma Enhanced Atomic Layer Deposition Film Publications

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1Electrical Comparison of HfO2 and ZrO2 Gate Dielectrics on GaN
2Engineered Tunneling Contacts with Low-Temperature Atomic Layer Deposition of AlN on GaN
3High Mobility (210cm2/Vs), High Capacitance (7.2uF/cm2) ZrO2 on GaN Metal Oxide Semiconductor Capacitor via ALD
4Impact of Post Fabrication Annealing PEALD ZrO2 for GaN MOSFETs
5Performance of Nanocrystal ZnO Thin-Film Schottky Contacts on Cu by Atomic Layer Deposition
6Plasma enhanced atomic layer deposition and laser plasma deposition of ultra-thin ZnO films for Schottky barrier devices
7Plasma enhanced atomic layer deposition of ZnO with diethyl zinc and oxygen plasma: Effect of precursor decomposition
8Polarization charge properties of low-temperature atomic layer deposition of AlN on GaN
9Selective Deposition of Low Temperature AlN Ohmic Contacts for GaN Devices
10Sustained hole inversion layer in a wide-bandgap metal-oxide semiconductor with enhanced tunnel current
11Tetraallyltin precursor for plasma enhanced atomic layer deposition of tin oxide: Growth study and material characterization
12ZrO2 on GaN metal oxide semiconductor capacitors via plasma assisted atomic layer deposition