Trimethyl phosphate, TMP, (MeO)3PO , CAS# 512-56-1

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Plasma Enhanced Atomic Layer Deposition Film Publications

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1Atomic Layer Deposition of Aluminum Phosphate Based on the Plasma Polymerization of Trimethyl Phosphate
2Plasma-Enhanced Atomic Layer Deposition of Iron Phosphate as a Positive Electrode for 3D Lithium-Ion Microbatteries
3Atomic Layer Deposition of the Solid Electrolyte LiPON
4Solid Electrolyte Lithium Phosphous Oxynitride as a Protective Nanocladding Layer for 3D High-Capacity Conversion Electrodes
5Stabilization of Lithium Metal Anodes by Hybrid Artificial Solid Electrolyte Interphase
6Effective Surface Passivation of InP Nanowires by Atomic-Layer-Deposited Al2O3 with POx Interlayer
7Plasma-enhanced atomic layer deposition of titanium phosphate as an electrode for lithium-ion batteries
8Plasma-enhanced atomic layer deposition of vanadium phosphate as a lithium-ion battery electrode material
9Plasma-enhanced atomic layer deposition of zinc phosphate


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