About Mark Sowa

I have been involved with thin film plasma processing research since I started graduate school in the early 1990s. My Linked-In profile covers the details.

About plasma-ald.com

I have been working on plasma-enhanced atomic layer deposition since 2008. There was already a decent set of relevant publications at that time but not so many that you could not keep track of what had been done in a spreadsheet. Interest in the technique really began to ramp up around that time and keeping up with the publications was getting more challenging. I checked out several of the popular reference management software packages and found them all lacking with respect to my specific requirements.

Further research suggested a relational database was really what I needed to keep track of all of the publication details in which I was interested. I also realized the best way to interact with the information in the relational database was through a web-based front-end both for data entry and retrieval. With the database on the web, I could access it from any device wherever I was. Since it was going to be on the web anyway, I obtained a nice web address and put the word out, mostly on Twitter. I quickly started showing up on the only web search engine that matters and over the years have climbed to the first or second spot for most search queries aimed at plasma-enhanced atomic layer deposition. What started as a desire for a better way to keep track of the publications in my field of work turned into a website accessed by 600+ PEALD researchers per month.

Most of the raw information contained in the database can be accessed through the search pages that I have provided. Other interesting sets of data, such as those I have presented in my annual reviews can be obtained through specific queries of the database. The on-line database also creates it's own set of interesting data. By monitoring the logs of what searches are conducted and what publications are viewed, I gain insights into what films, precursors, and applications are having an increasing or decreasing level of interest within the plasma ALD community. Please contact me at marksowa@plasma-ald.com if you are interested in these additional types of datasets.


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