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Kurt J Lesker ALD-150L Plasma Enhanced Atomic Layer Deposition Film Publications

Your search for plasma enhanced atomic layer deposition publications using Kurt J Lesker ALD-150L hardware returned 10 records. If there are too many results, you may want to use the multi-factor search to narrow the results.

1AxBAxB... pulsed atomic layer deposition: Numerical growth model and experiments
2Engineered Tunneling Contacts with Low-Temperature Atomic Layer Deposition of AlN on GaN
3Impact of Post Fabrication Annealing PEALD ZrO2 for GaN MOSFETs
4Performance enhancement of InAsSb QW-MOSFETs with in-situ H2 plasma cleaning for gate stack formation
5Polarization charge properties of low-temperature atomic layer deposition of AlN on GaN
6Selective Deposition of Low Temperature AlN Ohmic Contacts for GaN Devices
7Structural and optical characterization of low-temperature ALD crystalline AlN
8Ultra low density of interfacial traps with mixed thermal and plasma enhanced ALD of high-k gate dielectrics
9XPS analysis of AlN thin films deposited by plasma enhanced atomic layer deposition
10ZrO2 on GaN metal oxide semiconductor capacitors via plasma assisted atomic layer deposition


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