Ar, Argon, CAS# 7440-37-1

Plasma Enhanced Atomic Layer Deposition Film Publications

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1Al2O3A study of the impact of in-situ argon plasma treatment before atomic layer deposition of Al2O3 on GaN based metal oxide semiconductor capacitor
2Al2O3AC-Capacitance Techniques for Interface Trap Analysis in GaN-Based Buried-Channel MIS-HEMTs
3Al2O3Influence of argon plasma on the deposition of Al2O3 film onto the PET surfaces by atomic layer deposition
4Al2O3Working gas effect on properties of Al2O3 film in plasma-enhanced atomic layer deposition
5CoCharacteristics of Cobalt Films Deposited by Using a Remote Plasma ALD Method with a CpCo(CO)2 Precursor
6GrapheneLow-temperature remote plasma-enhanced atomic layer deposition of graphene and characterization of its atomic-level structure
7MoOxPlasma-enhanced atomic-layer-deposited MoOx emitters for silicon heterojunction solar cells
8RuEffects of Ar plasma treatment for deposition of ruthenium film by remote plasma atomic layer deposition
9SiCOHMethod of sealing pores in porous low-k SiOC(-H) films fabricated using plasma-assisted atomic layer deposition
10SiNxChallenges in atomic layer deposition of carbon-containing silicon-based dielectrics
11SnO2Infrared Study of Room Temperature Atomic Layer Deposition of SnO2 Using Sn(CH3)4 and Plasma Excited Humidified Argon
12TaNxPlasma Enhanced Atomic Layer Deposition of TaN Films for Advanced Interconnects
13TiO2Room temperature atomic layer deposition of TiO2 on gold nanoparticles
14V2O5Evaluation of V2O5 Coatings Grown By Plasma Enhanced and Thermal Atomic Layer Deposition
15ZnSPlasma enhanced atomic layer deposition of zinc sulfide thin films
16ZrO2Room-temperature atomic layer deposition of ZrO2 using tetrakis(ethylmethylamino)zirconium and plasma-excited humidified argon


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