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Deposition Hardware in the Plasma Enhanced Atomic Layer Deposition Publication Database

Plasma enhanced atomic layer deposition derived from earlier thermal ALD research. Early PEALD work was performed primarily on homemade ALD systems further customized with a plasma source. In recent years, multiple vendors have begun offering commercial PEALD systems to researchers. Below is a list of hardware sets identified in the literature. Click on a hardware name to see a list of papers discussing work done on that system.


I am sure there are papers I have not found. I am sure there is an occasional typo or omission in the database entries. I have hundreds of pre-2009 papers yet to add. As a result, the information provided is not perfect and not complete. Don't blame Plasma-ALD-Guy if the use of information on this site does not work out for you. If you know of publications I have missed or a database entry is wrong, send me an email at:


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