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If you have any questions/comments/suggestions for the website, send me an email:

If a database query gave an error, blank screen, or some other unexpected output, please send me an email detailing the search you are trying to perform so I can try to reproduce it and eliminate the bug.

Also, send along any suggestions for publications that need to be included. I have a lot of papers to review yet, but I am always finding new ones I did not know about and know there are more yet that I have not identified.

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I am sure there are papers I have not found. I am sure there is an occasional typo or omission in the database entries. I have hundreds of pre-2009 papers yet to add. As a result, the information provided is not perfect and not complete. Don't blame Plasma-ALD-Guy if the use of information on this site does not work out for you. If you know of publications I have missed or a database entry is wrong, send me an email at:


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